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Alumni Of the week: Alexandra Colón & Edwin Villa

Alexandra & Edwin

  1. Tell us about your Business. What do you do?

Marlene Events, Invitations & More provides a wide selection of wedding invitations with over 500 color choices including metallic and matte texture. We use the finest materials available for a must-have experience providing the best quality in our selection of stationer

y. Also we provide Decor and Wedding Planning services to ensure our weddings represents our bride’s dreams in a fancy and elegant way making their wedding day a dream come true.

  1. How did you Start your Business and Why?

We’ve always love papers. Our creativity took us to create incredible things as a hobby for our own satisfaction. In 2012 while we were talking with our wedding planner, we decided to create our wedding invitations and stationery. It caused a sensation among the guests. After we saw their reaction and how amazed they were we decided to make our own company.

  1. What do you love more about your work?

Our satisfaction comes when we are able to help our couples to have their deepest feelings represented in their invitations. We love to be able to help our customers create, in a magical way, their unforgettable event giving life to their dreams in a stress-free environment.

  1. How did your Business look like before coming to S&B? And how did you feel before S&B?

Before being part of the Sparkle and Bliss Workshop we were creating a new image for our company. We were creating our website and our official logo so it could project our passion. We felt passionate about our company but we needed help to build a structure to manage our business in a dynamic but strong way.

  1. What are your Goals for 2016? In your business? in your personal life?

After having and amazing 2015 we projected our goals for 2016 at the end of year. Our goals are already taking place as this first quarter is about to end and it began as follows:

  • Design and create our new collection of wedding invitations giving our customer a broader selection of stationery as this year pass by.
  • Take care of our quality while giving our services of Decor and Wedding Planning.
  • Being an example of how the pursuit of our dreams can be possible with faith in God, sacrifice and passion.
  • Work and rely in those colleagues that share our same purpose: To give our couples the best experience ever.
  1. How do you define yourself as an entrepreneur?

We are very responsible, organized, energetic and passionate. Managing a business requires being brave, confident and being prepared to take risks knowing the results are going to be greater than our sacrifices.

  1. How S&B impacted your business and life?

The Sparkle and Bliss Workshop helped us build a structure to manage our company. Thanks to S&B we were able to create our customer satisfaction metrics, cost monitoring rules and our quality-of-products management. Since S&B our business is in a whole new-level as we keep growing day by day,

  1. How do you envision your business in the next 2 years?

As part of our planning system we already have set some long-term goals as of today. In the next 2 years we visualize a more aggressive company with a lot of excellent resources with the same goal in mind. Since we have a lot of work by now we expect to have more talent in our company to help spread our quality around the world.

  1. The Best Take Away from S&B?

We think that the best take away from S&B was the idea that it doesn’t matter the circumstances, we can bless others with our company. Zahira Domenech, Karisha Marie, José Ruiz and all the speakers set an example of how we can grow while helping others and how our organization and discipline can take our company to places we ever imagined.

  1. Can you share some advice for the new entrepreneurs.

Understand that God wants to take your company to a level that he can use you to bless others. Always remember to do what you love most, it doesn’t matter if things seems to be impossible there’s always a way to grow and build your dream. Replace all the negative words in your life, for example, instead of using the words impossible, hard, unachievable, unreachable, replace them with the word “challenging”. A challenge requires a soldier, a brave, a warrior to dominate it and there’s no one more capable of doing this than yourself. Always believe in yourself seeking for more wisdom, peace, love and tolerance among others.

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