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Alumni of the week: Hayxanair Hernández


Hayxanair Hernández




      1.Tell us about your Business?

Naya’s Idea Event Coordinator is a signature of event planning for destination and local wedding in Puerto Rico, social and corporate events. We are passionate on creating unforgettable moments that last forever in the memory of our clients, family and friends.


2. How did you Start your Business and Why? 

At my early age just loved doing business. I had the opportunity to establish my first business as stylist professional for 7 years. Then I worked for private companies but I felt had not found what I was passionate about. After completing  my bachelor  in Business  Administration I  decide to take in a new way before  I started   planning for my second nuptials. I studied in Universidad Sagrado Corazón and Universidad Metropolitana social, corporate and governmental event planning. I enjoyed every detail of planning my wedding.   During the process at that   moment I got dismissed of my current employment even though I worked has stylist par time. Today I am the owner and president of Naya’s Idea Event Coordinator where we offer all kinds of services but even more important to realize I’m passionate about: creating memories.

  1. What do you love more about your work?

I love doing research and visiting many places that I can offer my clients at our beautiful island Puerto Rico get to learn from other cultures and different people. I love that each day is different and since I’m the owner of the business I get to compliments it with being a mommy and enjoying every moment of their life.

  1. How did your Business look like before coming to S&B? and How to you feel after S&B?

When I participated in S& B I was working on the details for the launching of our web page.  Participating helped me to stay focus. I needed that moment to learn from others in our industry I meet beautiful. Great time!


  1. What are your Goals for 2016? In your Business in your personal life

Our goals in Naya’s Idea Event Coordinator is to bring people to Puerto Rico and let them know there is a paradise for their destination event! Travel and represent Puerto Rico .Work really hard to keep on creating unforgettable moments that last forever in the memory of our clients, family and friends.

To receive constant education to gives the best to our future clients. Always realize all have done in my career is because of GOD.



  1. How do you define yourself as an entrepreneur?

Like challenges are and helping other persons in order that they fulfill their goals. I consider myself has a risked person. I love to learn and be always in constant education.



  1. How S&B impact your business and life?

Staying focus and improving my vision.


  1. How do you envision your Business in the next years?

Looking forward to position in the wedding industry, giving the opportunity to others to learn from Naya’s Idea Event Coordinator, extending our business giving a unique and special service.



  1. The Best Take Away from S&B?

Everything was fabulous, details that maid each day special. But all that I got to take with me, all I learned. Can’t wait for next one!



  1. Can you share some advice for the new entrepreneurs?

You are the writer of your dreams & never give up!



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