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Hi Friends,

After weeks of hard work and so many amazing events we take some time to rest and to organize our days to start our busy season on Eventus by Zahira. Now we are back and we are taking a close view of our 3r anual Sparkle and Bliss workshop and I have to be very sincere with you. This event stole my heart on the instant that I created it in 2014, it stole my heart in so many ways that I can’t explain you in clear words. But in a simple way I can say it stole my heart because I’ve seen many people change their life after this event, I’ve seen people transform their business and their personal life in big ways. I seen an industry transformed into a community, I’ve seen relationships transformed in to friendships and even seen how our own hearts have been transformed with the letters, the inboxes and stories that people share with us on how our event have changed their life and gave them hope. It’s not easy task to create an event that is not on a usual way. It’s a challenge create something that change life thru faith, community, business tools and personal growth. Sparkle and Bliss is not a regular workshop, it’s something that have a very intentional purpose and is to not only give Business Tools to grow business, but to have a Meaningful Growth in their live too. I try my best to give them hope, to create a workshop that is not a superficial thing but to build a family and a community. I give them a space were they can be vulnerable and genuine, we give them tools to help them not only build a business with profit but to take control of their lives, to face their fears and to care about others. I think this explanation it doesn’t even come closer to the intentions and what we do in this workshop.Today I will share with you part of our days.

I hope next year I can see you in this amazing experience too!

We start our day with our new slogan of this event that is #yonotengomiedopaquetulosepas (Yo No tengo Miedo Pa’ Que tu lo Sepas) is says: Just to let you know, I’m not afraid! And then I talked about Excellence don’t come free.

If you don’t know me, I’m Zahíra Domenech owner of Eventus by Zahira, and Zahíra Domenech Signature Brands and creator of Sparkle and Bliss & The Meaningful Growth Planner and I created Sparkle and Bliss because when I started my business I didn’t had anybody to search for advise nor a community. On 2004 the mentality was more about competitions and not community so people didn’t shared or helped others because they were afraid of competition. So this is why I created this workshop, to give to others what I wish I had in that time.




The Amazing Luis D. Ortiz of Dj Rockhand & High Setup talked about how he grew his business and gave us amazing tools to use in our own business to grow and have more clients.


Cynthia Martinez  with an excellent talk about discipline for the entrepreneur.


We had Emily Rivera,  she talked about how to create a new trend in the industry.


Karisha Perez our Project Manager in Eventus by Zahira and Co-Owner of Sabe a Jabón talked about how to use styling to create brand awareness.


Abner Garcia of  Guest Book talked about how to attract more clients.


Tuko Alberto  talked about how to use Facebook and Social Media to attract more clients and marketing tools.


Hola Amigos,

Espero que estén super bien. Hoy estuve en Facebook Live para darles un update en cuanto a sparkle and bliss y ademas hablamos de algunos consejos para atraer mas clientes y el error #1 que realizan los empresarios cuando comienzan su negocio al querer cerrar nuevos contratos o cerrar la venta.

Les recuerdo que mañana es el ultimo día para reservar tu espacio en Sparkle and Bliss Workshop con el precio Introductorio, así que si deseas ser parte de esta experiencia aprovecha esta oportunidad.

Te invito a que veas nuestro video para que conozcan mas sobre que debes hacer para atraer mas clientes y aprender cual es el error #1 que cometemos los empresarios al querer cerrar la venta.

Presiona aquí para ver el video: Video



Espero que estos consejos te ayuden a atraer mas clientes y crear una relación mas estrecha con tus clientes!




Alexandra & Edwin

  1. Tell us about your Business. What do you do?

Marlene Events, Invitations & More provides a wide selection of wedding invitations with over 500 color choices including metallic and matte texture. We use the finest materials available for a must-have experience providing the best quality in our selection of stationer

y. Also we provide Decor and Wedding Planning services to ensure our weddings represents our bride’s dreams in a fancy and elegant way making their wedding day a dream come true.

  1. How did you Start your Business and Why?

We’ve always love papers. Our creativity took us to create incredible things as a hobby for our own satisfaction. In 2012 while we were talking with our wedding planner, we decided to create our wedding invitations and stationery. It caused a sensation among the guests. After we saw their reaction and how amazed they were we decided to make our own company.

  1. What do you love more about your work?

Our satisfaction comes when we are able to help our couples to have their deepest feelings represented in their invitations. We love to be able to help our customers create, in a magical way, their unforgettable event giving life to their dreams in a stress-free environment.

  1. How did your Business look like before coming to S&B? And how did you feel before S&B?

Before being part of the Sparkle and Bliss Workshop we were creating a new image for our company. We were creating our website and our official logo so it could project our passion. We felt passionate about our company but we needed help to build a structure to manage our business in a dynamic but strong way.

  1. What are your Goals for 2016? In your business? in your personal life?

After having and amazing 2015 we projected our goals for 2016 at the end of year. Our goals are already taking place as this first quarter is about to end and it began as follows:

  • Design and create our new collection of wedding invitations giving our customer a broader selection of stationery as this year pass by.
  • Take care of our quality while giving our services of Decor and Wedding Planning.
  • Being an example of how the pursuit of our dreams can be possible with faith in God, sacrifice and passion.
  • Work and rely in those colleagues that share our same purpose: To give our couples the best experience ever.
  1. How do you define yourself as an entrepreneur?

We are very responsible, organized, energetic and passionate. Managing a business requires being brave, confident and being prepared to take risks knowing the results are going to be greater than our sacrifices.

  1. How S&B impacted your business and life?

The Sparkle and Bliss Workshop helped us build a structure to manage our company. Thanks to S&B we were able to create our customer satisfaction metrics, cost monitoring rules and our quality-of-products management. Since S&B our business is in a whole new-level as we keep growing day by day,

  1. How do you envision your business in the next 2 years?

As part of our planning system we already have set some long-term goals as of today. In the next 2 years we visualize a more aggressive company with a lot of excellent resources with the same goal in mind. Since we have a lot of work by now we expect to have more talent in our company to help spread our quality around the world.

  1. The Best Take Away from S&B?

We think that the best take away from S&B was the idea that it doesn’t matter the circumstances, we can bless others with our company. Zahira Domenech, Karisha Marie, José Ruiz and all the speakers set an example of how we can grow while helping others and how our organization and discipline can take our company to places we ever imagined.

  1. Can you share some advice for the new entrepreneurs.

Understand that God wants to take your company to a level that he can use you to bless others. Always remember to do what you love most, it doesn’t matter if things seems to be impossible there’s always a way to grow and build your dream. Replace all the negative words in your life, for example, instead of using the words impossible, hard, unachievable, unreachable, replace them with the word “challenging”. A challenge requires a soldier, a brave, a warrior to dominate it and there’s no one more capable of doing this than yourself. Always believe in yourself seeking for more wisdom, peace, love and tolerance among others.


Hayxanair Hernández




      1.Tell us about your Business?

Naya’s Idea Event Coordinator is a signature of event planning for destination and local wedding in Puerto Rico, social and corporate events. We are passionate on creating unforgettable moments that last forever in the memory of our clients, family and friends.


2. How did you Start your Business and Why? 

At my early age just loved doing business. I had the opportunity to establish my first business as stylist professional for 7 years. Then I worked for private companies but I felt had not found what I was passionate about. After completing  my bachelor  in Business  Administration I  decide to take in a new way before  I started   planning for my second nuptials. I studied in Universidad Sagrado Corazón and Universidad Metropolitana social, corporate and governmental event planning. I enjoyed every detail of planning my wedding.   During the process at that   moment I got dismissed of my current employment even though I worked has stylist par time. Today I am the owner and president of Naya’s Idea Event Coordinator where we offer all kinds of services but even more important to realize I’m passionate about: creating memories.

  1. What do you love more about your work?

I love doing research and visiting many places that I can offer my clients at our beautiful island Puerto Rico get to learn from other cultures and different people. I love that each day is different and since I’m the owner of the business I get to compliments it with being a mommy and enjoying every moment of their life.

  1. How did your Business look like before coming to S&B? and How to you feel after S&B?

When I participated in S& B I was working on the details for the launching of our web page.  Participating helped me to stay focus. I needed that moment to learn from others in our industry I meet beautiful. Great time!


  1. What are your Goals for 2016? In your Business in your personal life

Our goals in Naya’s Idea Event Coordinator is to bring people to Puerto Rico and let them know there is a paradise for their destination event! Travel and represent Puerto Rico .Work really hard to keep on creating unforgettable moments that last forever in the memory of our clients, family and friends.

To receive constant education to gives the best to our future clients. Always realize all have done in my career is because of GOD.



  1. How do you define yourself as an entrepreneur?

Like challenges are and helping other persons in order that they fulfill their goals. I consider myself has a risked person. I love to learn and be always in constant education.



  1. How S&B impact your business and life?

Staying focus and improving my vision.


  1. How do you envision your Business in the next years?

Looking forward to position in the wedding industry, giving the opportunity to others to learn from Naya’s Idea Event Coordinator, extending our business giving a unique and special service.



  1. The Best Take Away from S&B?

Everything was fabulous, details that maid each day special. But all that I got to take with me, all I learned. Can’t wait for next one!



  1. Can you share some advice for the new entrepreneurs?

You are the writer of your dreams & never give up!



Dora Thillet 1. Tell us about your business?

Based on Puerto Rico, Dora Thillet Events plans and coordinate social and corporate events worldwide.

2. How did you start your business and Why?

After 10 years of working on the travel industry in Puerto Rico: 7 years of it as a Meeting Planner with events on Europe, Central and South America, United States, and the Caribbean; I decided to be a self-employment Wedding Planner.  It’s my passion to plan and coordinate events that people enjoy and never forget.

3. What do you love more about your work?  

  First of all: the flexibility to mange my time! It allows me to enjoy special moments and quality time with my family and friends.

Second, but not less important, the opportunity to meet new people and help them to translate their dreams into reality.

4. How did your business look like before coming to S&B? and How do you feel after S&B?

Before S&B I felt in the need to connect with the local industry and create network. I needed the guidance and encouragement of people with vast experience and knowledge.

After I finished S&B I felt so pumped up!!! I finished my studies and I’m now a Certified Wedding Planner, know great and wonderful colleagues, and acquired great knowledge that was immediately put on action. I left the workshop with life changing and amazing memories!

5. What are your Goals for 2016? In your business and in your personal life?

Connect with more professionals and clients, build great networking, and more exposure on the social media platforms.  Also, I want to inspire people every day.  That will make me continue to be passionate with my business.

For my personal life: a healthy life to enjoy my family and business goals. May God help me!

6. How do you define yourself as an entrepreneur?

A creative, empathic and passionate entrepreneur with excellent organizational skills.

7. How S&B impact your business and life?

On the most positive way I ever imagined!  It gave me the confident needed to move my business to another level. Also, met the most wonderful and amazing people I never imagined to know.

8. How do you envision your business in the next 2 years?

One that is solid and financially healthy. That definitely will help me to still be doing what is my passion: help the people translate their dreams into reality.

9. The Best Take Away from S&B?

Are you sure you want me to answer this question?  Okay…People I won all the raffles!

Best Take Away: the knowledge, the tools, and a great networking.

10. Can you share some advice for the new entrepreneurs?

Off course:

-If you have a dream accompanied by a passion: never give up, no matter what life brings!

-Invest on your professional and personal development.

-Seek the advice of successful people and connect with positive minds.

-And last, but not least: Always have God, family and friends present in all decisions.