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Our Mission: 


Sparkle and Bliss born with the intention of helping others to build a successful business in the wedding industry but most importantly to inspire other entrepreneurs to not only build a profitable business but cultivate genuine relationships, to learn how to have balance in life, to learn how to love themselves  achieve their goals and full potential, create an experience for their clients to create a business and life they really love.

Our goal is to encourage and facilitate a community of like minded, creative business owners. Where sharing your story is inspiring in a community that judgment and expectations of perfection it does not exist. Where you can be vulnerable without fear, where you can find answers, support and guidance along the way. Where you will cultivate guanine relationships with other business owners that are in your same journey.

“One of my goals and desire in life is to help others to create a life and a business that cultivate what matter most in life.  I want to teach others in the wedding industry that you can have a successful business without having a mentality of judgment, perfection or competition to grow your business. I want to facilitate a community to support each other and grow together.” – Zahíra Domenech